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About Us

Saratoga Thunder is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting all the positive aspects of amateur softball to our young athletes.  Emphasis will be placed on the development of good, sound softball skills without sacrificing the enjoyment and fun of playing the game.  Our goal is to ensure that softball is used as a tool to:
     - Teach the children the fundamentals of softball
     - Help the players build confidence and self-esteem
     - Foster social interaction in a team setting
     - Teach the responsibilities of being a good team player

What's Up? 

Travel Thunder Registration Information: 

The Travel Thunder is a competitive league open to any females (regardless of residency) who tryout and are accepted on a team.


There are 10U, 12U, and 14U teams.  Please contact the coaches for the team you would like to tryout for. 

Contact: John Dowd